How does it work?

The user (the “Activist”) sets a fitness goal that they have been striving to accomplish, then reaches out to their friends, family, and peers (“Supporters”) for motivational support by means of a monetary pledge to a selected charity. The support for the chosen charity is the motivation. The more that’s on the line, the more the Activist is going to push themselves. And for extra motivation, if the Activist does not finish or reach their goal then ZERO dollars are donated!

How do you ensure integrity?

Team Activist is a California nonprofit organization. We hold ourselves to strict values and because of this, we only allow users to select IRS sanctioned 501(c)3 charities. These charities (and ourselves) are held to a high standard of accounting and ethics. We also review the Activist goals to ensure no foul play is taking place.

How do I know when my donation makes it to the selected charity?

Immediately upon making a donation, you will receive a receipt from Team Activist. Once all Supporter donations for the Activist goal are received (30 day limit), we will send one large donation to the selected charity and send you a confirmation email. The receiving charity usually sends a thank you note, in which case we will pass the note along to all of the Supporters.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of US law.

How does Team Activist make money to operate?

Team Activist uses 7¢ of every dollar donated to make this all happen. Activist is a platform that not only increases fitness motivation, but overall charitable giving. With that 7¢, we are able to reinvest in the Activist platform to make it better, more efficient, and more engaging, so that charities worldwide can receive funds that they never would have. We like to think of it like this… 93¢ to your charity – 7¢ towards all charities.

What kind of fitness goals do you support?

ANY AND ALL! You can use the Activist platform to help increase your motivation for anything you can dream up. Check out some common goals here: Common Goals

Is there a minimum donation?

No. Any donation amount is much appreciated by the receiving charities.

How do I ‘finish’ my Activist goal?

After the finish date you will see a blue box that says ‘Time to Send an Update!’ on your goal page. Click the ‘Send Update’ button and a completion email template will be shown. Edit the template to personalize the email and then click ‘Send Update’ – your Supporters will automatically be notified of your success!

Can I finish my Activist goal early?

At the moment, no. Your goal will automatically trigger at the selected finish date.

What happens if someone does not finish their goal?

If that person set a SideStake (their own personal wager), then that money goes to charity. If no SideStake was set, unfortunately zero dollars are donated. Supporters are still given the option to complete their pledge in this situation.

What are some useful tips for increasing awareness of my goal?

If you connect your Activist account to Facebook and hit the blue ‘share’ button on your goal page, a template post will be generated for you. You can personalize it and share as you wish. This is a great way to make your network aware of your goal! Post weekly updates with lots of pictures and how much progress you’ve made and don’t forget to share a link to your goal on all of your other social media sites!