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The nonprofit Activist platform provides you with the motivation you need to accomplish this challenge. Add any or all of the features below to increase your accountability while supporting something bigger than yourself.

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An Accountabilibudddy is a friend or supporter who can help to keep you on track. Choose someone who can be around to see you working towards your goal.

* Your Accountabilibuddy will ultimately tell us whether you succeed in reaching your goal. We'll send them an e-mail to confirm that they're ready for the job!

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Put your money where your mouth is! The Sidestake is your pledge to donate if you're unable to reach your goal.


* Your Sidestake, if you fail, will be donated to the Team Activist nonprofit organization.

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Dedicate your challenge to something bigger than yourself. Friends and family motivate you by making pledges which are only collected if you successfully complete your challenge.

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