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ANIMALS charities protect, defend and provide needed services to domestic and wild animals. These organizations preserve wildlife habitats and protect endangered species, and seek ways to sustain and promote those habitats and species over time. We classified ANIMALS charities in three Causes.
Arts, Culture, Humanities
ARTS, CULTURE, HUMANITIES charities promote artistic and cultural excellence and preserve artistic and cultural heritage. Whether on stage, over the airwaves, or in exhibition halls, they ensure that our artistic and cultural past and present continues to be accessible, enjoyed, and preserved. We divided ARTS, CULTURE, HUMANITIES charities into four Causes.
EDUCATION charities make learning possible for students of all ages, from pre-school to graduate school. They also provide other educational services and opportunities that help make schools more effective and more accessible to students of all backgrounds. We divided EDUCATION charities into four Causes.
ENVIRONMENT charities work to preserve and protect the environment and to promote environmental research, conservation and appreciation. We defined two Causes for ENVIRONMENT charities.
HEALTH charities cure diseases, treat and support our sick and disabled, seek improvements in medical treatments, and promote public understanding and awareness of particular health risks, diseases and disabilities. We classified HEALTH charities in four Causes.
Human Services
HUMAN SERVICES charities provide networks of direct services to people in need. They feed our hungry, strengthen our communities, shelter our homeless, care for our elderly, and nurture our young. HUMAN SERVICES charities fall into six Causes.
INTERNATIONAL charities work throughout the world to defend human rights, to promote peace and understanding among all nations, and to provide relief and development services where they are needed the most. We divided INTERNATIONAL charities in four Causes.
Public Benefit
PUBLIC BENEFIT charities protect, improve and invest in our communities and our country by defending civil rights, conducting research in science and public policy, and promoting philanthropy and social action. We divided PUBLIC BENEFIT charities into five Causes.
RELIGION charities promote and support particular religions and religious activity and worship. We defined two RELIGION Causes.