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Note from the founders:

As a nonprofit organization, we strive to be as upfront and transparent as possible. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, and you should too. For this reason we provide all our financial information and legal filings here.

If you feel at any time we are acting out of line with our mission and values, please contact our Board of Directors:

Team Activist Board of Directors
c/o Team Activist
20915 Monarch Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92663




Activist is a nonprofit platform that not only increases fitness motivation, but overall charitable giving. We reinvest 8¢ of every $1 donated back into the Activist platform to make it better, more efficient, and more engaging – ultimately generating more users, more awareness, and more dollars donated to charity. We’re also able to pay processing and transaction fees and keep the lights on of our own nonprofit with that investment..
We like to think of it like this…

92¢ to your charity – 8¢ towards ALL charities


Tax Deductions

All donations made through the Activist platform are fully deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please reference the following Tax Exempt ID on your taxes:

You can find more information about Activist and our non-profit status here:

Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation

Team Activist, Inc. Bylaws

Privacy Policy

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