Our Story

Activist was founded in June of 2013 by four friends coming from different backgrounds – if you’d like to read more about us you can do so here). It started with a realization. A realization that we all know… We should be healthy – exercising, eating well, reducing stress, etc. – but we’re not. We know what to do, but we don’t do it. We make goals, then break them. We are motivated for a brief moment, then slip right back into our usual habits. Frustrating stuff…

So, what’s the problem?..
We lose that little voice in our head that keeps us accountable. That voice that keeps pushing us to do the things we know are right. It’s not our fault (we’re human after all) – we’re wired for seeking pleasure over pain, and unfortunately most of the choices that lead to near-term pleasure are counterproductive to our long term gain. With every slip-up we become discouraged, and we’re back at square one… So how do we keep (and even strengthen) the voice to push ourselves to success? Great question! We set out to find the answer June of 2013 and will continue to seek it out for many years to come.

What we have found to-date is the following:

-Only a small percentage of goals are successful (we’re talking less than 10%)…
-Just writing down your goal is a great start as it makes it real – not just a hope that never come to fruition.
-Making your goal about something bigger than yourself is seriously powerful stuff. That’s where the charity part comes in. You’re not just doing this for yourself anymore, you’re doing it for your favorite cause – who, trust us, needs your support more than the nearest fast-food joint.
-Letting your friends and family in on your goal, (the people you really care about) holds you accountable as they cheer you on. Fear of failure is a powerful motivator, but failure is often swept under the rug when you’re the only one that is aware.
-Competition fuels some people more than anything. This is functionality we are continuing to build…

We have created the Activist platform to help people. We’re here to give you the motivation you need to succeed – to fuel the little voice, and push yourself to new heights. So go ahead, push yourself – we’ll be cheering you on the whole time.

Thanks for listening and thanks for being awesome.