Sometimes the hardest part is just coming up with a goal! If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place

Here are some common Activist goals

  • Compete in a running race: 5k/10k/Half-Marathon/Full Marathon/Triathlon
  • Lose weight
  • Run, hike or swim x distance in y time (30 miles in a week, for example)
  • Reach a new weight-lifting goal
  • Stop smoking
  • Set a new personal record (for anything that you currently do)
  • Complete a Mud Run

Don’t limit yourself!
The Activist platform is incredibly flexible. We encourage all types of goals even if they don’t fit the traditional mold – these are often the most fun! Here are some ideas for more creative fitness and health goals

  • Do 600 situps in 1 month
  • Paddle a surfboard between two piers (or maybe just stand up!)
  • Only eat local organic produce for 3 weeks
  • Only take the stairs for 1 month


If you’re still having trouble – try coming up with something that relates to your favorite charity. Supporting the oceans? Use swimming! Supporting environmentalism? Clean up trash! Or, ask yourself – what’s that one goal I’ve always wanted to achieve but never quite had the motivation?

The sky is the limit when using the Activist platform! What’s your motivation?

You might also find some inspiration by Browsing some current goals.

Check out what others have done in support of your charity!