Fitness Motivation That Gives Back

92% of fitness goals fail… We want to change that. The Activist platform has been specifically developed to give you the motivation and accountability you need to succeed – whatever your fitness or health goal may be.

Activist lets you give back in the process, so you’re not just improving yourself, you’re improving the world around you!
Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Challenge Yourself: Create a health or fitness related goal.

  3. Build Motivation: Add motivational features to your goal that have been proven to increase your chances of success. Put your own money on the line with the SideStake feature or have a close friend hold you to your goal with the Accountabilibuddy feature. Feeling charitable? Dedicate your goal to charity with the Support a Cause feature and more than double your chances of success!

  5. Complete your Goal: Now that you’ve created a goal on Activist, you’ll find yourself more motivated than ever to finish! It’s a great feeling to accomplish a fitness goal so share the love and inspire those around you to do the same!


Does this really boost my motivation?

Yes. The Activist platform is based on the psychology of peer support, monetary motivation, and altruism. A powerful trio that helps anyone using the platform push themselves to reach their fitness or health goals! Check out this blog post for more scientific proof


How do the motivational features work?

Starting a Goal
Just by creating a goal on Activist you significantly increase your chances of success. Writing your goal down and receiving automatic reminders from Activist makes your goal real and keeps it top of mind.

Activist Accountabilibuddy

Accountabilibuddy Motivation:Peer Awareness & Accountability

This feature has you select a close friend or family member to hold you accountable to your goal. At the end of your goal, your Accountabilibuddy will be the person who determines if you were successful – not yourself. Far too often we set private goals and determine success ourselves. It’s too easy to let ourselves off the hook when doing this. We NEED additional accountability – who better to provide that than a close friend?!


Activist SideStake

SideStake Motivation: Loss Aversion

This feature allows you to put personal money on the line – money that you don’t want to lose, but money that you do lose if you don’t successfully complete your goal! The fear of losing this money – money that you could have spent on yourself, on a date, or put towards a vacation – is what motivates you to work harder, train longer, and push yourself to success.
note: All SideStakes are paid to the Team Activist charity, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


Activist Do It For Charity

Do It For Charity Motivation: Peer Support, Altruism

With the Support A Cause feature, you select a favorite charity and then build a support team that makes ‘motivational pledges’ to your goal. These pledges are motivational because they are not collected for your charity unless you successfully accomplish your goal. This feature is the ultimate motivation, combining the benefits of peer support from sharing your goal, monetary motivation of having money on the line, and altruism by supporting your favorite charity in the process. You are fighting for something bigger than yourself. That’s powerful stuff..

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Fitness Motivation
That Gives Back.