92% of Fitness Goals fail. Activist has the tools you need to succeed.
What's your motivation?


Put your money where your mouth is! A Sidestake is a personal wager on your success.


An Accountabilibuddy is a friend or supporter who will keep you on track throughout your goal.

Do It for Charity

Dedicate your challenge to something bigger than yourself. Pledges are only collected if you succeed.

Featured Goals

26.2 For Alzheimers Research

My goal is to complete the Orange County Marathon! 

Kaely M supporting Cure Alzheimer's Fund

14-Day Burpee Challenge

My goal is to complete the 14-Day burpee challenge and do 50 burpees in less than 3 minutes on Day 14

Alex T supporting The Wilderness Society


"Knowing that my friends and family had sponsored me really did give me that extra boost and motivation to push into the endzone."

Matt T.

"Activist truly motivated me to reach my goal. I didn't want to let down my sponsors."

Greg H.

Our mission is to increase awareness and giving for all charitable organizations while advancing fitness and health motivation.